True Success is Only Achieved with Endurance

Posted on July 8, 2021 by James Harold Webb
True Success is Only Achieved with Endurance - James Webb - Preferred Imaging

I can say without a doubt, I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for persistence and an unrelenting desire to be successful. Really, that’s what it takes to be successful because success does not arrive on your front doorstep on a silver platter. Instead, success is an ongoing state of being, not a static moment in time. As with anything that requires constant energy and dedication, success requires endurance and a good amount of resilience.

This has been my experience over the last 40 years or so of working, building, and creating in business. One experience in my career illustrates this very point. I was approached by a friend to look into a new opportunity. The initial situation entailed a mobile MRI that a hospital wanted to use on a semipermanent basis. In the end, we would buy the hospital’s outpatient MRI and run it. It was a bold concept, but it seemed right. And sure enough, my friend and the hospital agreed to the proposed arrangement.

This opportunity was meant to be a situation where my money was making money for me…mailbox money – the best kind of profit. I didn’t have any interest in getting involved in the day-to-day and had planned to find an opportunity where my family was living at the time – far from where this new opportunity was.

But nothing ever seems to happen as it’s supposed to. Eight to nine months into the new arrangement and I had yet to see this mailbox money. Instead, I received a frantic call from my friend and partner with news that something was going on at the hospital where our imaging center was located. I would soon learn that the hospital leadership had been charged with Medicare fraud and literally overnight the hospital was deserted. To make things worse, the next day city police handed our company a notice saying that we had ten days to vacate the premises. The center was on hospital property, which had been seized, and the certificate of occupancy was no good. The utilities were shut off a few days later, and we faced losing our MRI machine due to it imploding or exploding in a quench (sudden loss of helium due to no power). It was literally a ticking time bomb of physical and financial ruin.

If we didn’t get the power turned back on, the machine would be ruined. Knowing we now had about eight days left, we reached out to everyone we could think of, but we really needed help from the city government. They were in control of the utilities and the eviction process. I tried furiously to get in touch with someone, anyone, who might be able to help. With what seemed to be our last option, I wrote an impassioned speech to be delivered at a city council, literally the night before we would lose everything.  My words, however, which were delivered by my colleague, fell on deaf ears. We were certain it was all over.

It wasn’t until after the meeting when a man who worked with the city manager’s office – and had heard our speech – found us to let us know he could help. The power was turned on, we got our own certificate of occupancy separated from the dead hospital, and our MRI machine survived. We would live to see another day with our MRI machine.

Such is the life of being a success in business. Endurance is an essential element of resilience. The ability to take punishments, make sacrifices, and survive are important traits of the resilience it takes to achieve your goals and be successful.