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The Greatest Asset You Have – Professionally and Personally

Posted on December 10, 2021 by James Harold Webb
Relationships are your most important asset - James Harold Webb

The Greatest Asset You Have – Professionally and Personally

As we come to the close of another year, it’s hard to not recognize the significance of what the holidays focus on for so many. That is to say gathering and engaging with family and friends.  There are countless holiday songs on repeat crooning of love and longing. Likewise, there are movies, stories, commercials, and more. However, this season is focused on those relationships we value most. 

As an entrepreneur, some of my greatest assets have been the personal and professional relationships I’ve gained and maintained over the years. In business, relationships are more important than capital, ideas, infrastructure, or profitability. Relationships have unlocked opportunity after opportunity in my career. They have helped me to capitalize on those opportunities. Above all, they also help to survive bad situations. Relationships with mentors and customers have helped me to overcome temporary shortfalls. Partners and competitors have allowed me to take risks. Additionally, they also allow trying new things and view strategy through a different lens. Employers and employees have multiplied my output and brought meaning to my work. In life, relationships are the reason for working. Without family, friends, and communities life would be hollow and empty.

Like anything that is worth a great deal, relationships are hard work and require a good amount of effort and dedication.  They are accounts that need deposits, not just withdrawals, and gardens that need tending. It’s critical to be humble enough to understand that you need relationships to succeed. Likewise, understand being successful in developing relationships that keep you humble. I’ve seen incredibly smart and naturally talented individuals achieve only a fraction of their potential. This is because of their insistence to do things on their own. That’s not how the world works; we need others to succeed. 

True leaders recognize the value of the relationships they have both personally and professionally.  They recognize that true success isn’t measured in dollars and cents, possessions, or in public achievements. Instead, these business leaders and individuals understand true success comes in the form of the quality of the relationships we have. Relationships with our colleagues, partners, customers, parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends, etc.  

Being profitable is important. Achieving business goals and striving for more is necessary.  However, you cannot accomplish any of it without your greatest asset. This is the people and the relationships you create. Thus, people will always be more valuable than money. For me, the greatest accomplishments of my life and career are defined by the relationships with the people who have been a part of it every step of the way. This holiday season, take the time to recognize those relationships that significantly impact your personal and professional life. Let them know how much they mean to you. Beyond this holiday season, continually make an effort to remind yourself of their worth. As you move through this life and throughout your career, you will encounter a lot of individuals. Remember to embrace the right ones and thank them often. We all need help.