Why It’s Important to Let Go in Order to Gain More

Posted on March 24, 2022 by James Harold Webb
Why It’s Important to Let Go in Order to Gain More | James Harold Webb

Why It’s Important to Let Go.

It’s easy to look at people who seemingly have things going for them. You think to yourself, “man, they’re lucky.” The truth is, as the Roman philosopher Seneca once said, luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. Essentially, we must create our own luck. It’s up to us to create the conditions necessary to prepare for opportunities that can sweep us up in a whole new direction.

Of course, you can’t do this alone. The relationships you forge with others play a critical role in placing you in situations that propel you forward; they can also be responsible for holding you back. I remember a time in my career when I was facing a convergence of these types of relationships – those that offered progression and those that didn’t. It was during that time that everything was about to change for me. I would learn quickly that things blowing up and things burning down can look an awful lot alike. They can also happen at the same time.

Because of my experience in X-ray technician services to rural hospitals during my time at William Carey College, I was named as the director of education of the Jones County Junior College X-Ray Technician Program. All of this experience led to additional steps landing me into the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) industry.  It was technology that had been developed in the early 1980s, but like the computer, it took a while for it to become common. There have been several hops I have made over the years from opportunity to opportunity. Also from relationship to relationship. All of which were necessary for my growth. As I look back at each step of my career, there has always been a need to let something go. Thus, gaining something new and different in return.

I often think of my life in seasons, different segments representing very different relationships, experiences, priorities, and perspectives. There were the early days growing up in Laurel, Mississippi, working and finding my way to college, medical imaging, and early relationships. They were the young years, making the kinds of mistakes that people that age do and, I guess, learning that I needed to grow up.

Then came another season, one which was about setting forth and figuring out life beyond Laurel. It was about identifying what I was good at, what I’d underestimated and misunderstood. I put my head down for much of this period of time. I bulldozed my way forward, learning lessons but also leaving a path behind me—broken things, mistakes, and highs and lows. Yet another season came with letting go of previous ties. One filled with risks and rewards, ideas and connections, love and terror, success and failure. There were moments when I thought the world was my oyster and others when I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into.  The success and “luck” we experience in life is more in our control than many realize; you just have to be willing to let go of the things that hold you back in order to move forward.


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