Creating an Environment of Opportunity

Posted on June 13, 2022 by James Harold Webb
Creating an Environment of Opportunity

Creating an Environment of Opportunity

Did you know June is Professional Wellness Month? Years ago, I may not have thought myself to be an expert on this topic. That is to say, my goal has always been to forge my own path and not necessarily align with the traditional corporate career path.  However, over the years of experiencing several leadership roles and launching several of my own companies, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of what this month represents. The official purpose of this month is described as highlighting the workplace’s role in creating a holistic environment. Likewise, how organizations that place emphasis on professional wellness are largely successful, attract top talent and drive employee retention. So, how do you go about creating an environment of opportunity?

As a business owner or manager of employees, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and bottom-line results that drive each working day. However, at the heart of business is relationships. Without those relationships and without the people who drive those interactions, business doesn’t thrive. Thus, to help businesses thrive, people must thrive. Each of us have goals, passions, and desires for what we want in life. Sometimes the jobs we find ourselves in provide a direct path to those goals and other times they don’t. We’ve all been there. The jobs that were simply a means to an end and others that were the job that would go on to change the trajectory of seemingly everything.

As leaders, mentors, and managers we have the opportunity to create an environment of opportunity. We can do this by helping employees discover for themselves what is best for their lives. This will ultimately be what is best for the organization as well.  I’m a big believer in seizing opportunities. I’ve never believed that happiness or success is the result of passion. In fact, I don’t believe in solely following your passion. I believe in opportunity—in recognizing opportunity and seizing it. We can help others recognize and create opportunities that occur out of the overlap of their head and heart.

Moreover, creating a space within your organization that presents opportunities for growth and exploration to your employees can be a powerful thing. I always believed that you could pursue your desired path regardless of your level of preparation. It takes personal conviction and confidence. But, encouragement from outside sources – like management – can only help. Therefore, foster an environment within your workplace that encourages learning and taking chances to do something new or different.

It’s important to remember the opportunity we as managers have to inspire others. Management is not a power play. It is a means to an end and requires that you find and lead the right people to the next finish line. This month is all about providing a workplace environment that helps people grow and offers an experience that yields engagement, satisfaction, and success. At the core of providing this environment is focusing on quality relationships. In business, relationships are more important than capital, ideas, infrastructure, or profitability. Relationships have unlocked opportunity after opportunity in my career. They will be what unlock opportunities for your employees.

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